How To Slay Your Engagement Session

Okay so you have scheduled your engagement session, now what? The average person might feel kinda awkward in front of the camera for the first time. These are my top tips to CRUSHING your engagement session and getting the best, most authentic and natural true to you photos.

  1. HAVE FUN! I know, I know this may be a no brainer but really. It is so important to have fun with your partner for your photos. If you are having fun and are care free if will show, the same goes for if you are stressed or uptight.
  2. GET PLAYFUL! This will help you MORE than you even know. Not only does this help you both relax, but it also turns the session into a fun little date night vs an awkward shoot that you feel all this pressure around!

3. Let loose and forget about the camera. IT’S REALLY THAT SIMPLE. Because here’s the deal, when you truly forget the camera is even there, it makes it that much easier to enjoy yourself.

4. FOCUS ON YOUR PERSON. This is the easiest way to have fun. That’s the point of this whole shindig in the first place. TO CAPTURE YOUR LOVE. So just relax, sit back, and get all dreamy about how this person is about to be your forever.

Now I have a challenge for you.

I want you to remind yourselves of these tips right before your session. See how that makes the biggest difference for your engagement session!

So in review…….HAVE FUN by getting PLAYFUL along with LETTING LOOSE and forgetting about the camera and FOCUS ON YOUR PERSON! If you actually do this you will receive INCREDIBLE candid and authentic photos you will love for the rest of your life!

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