heart + soul


Hey babe!


I'm so stoked you are here!

I'm a Christ following wife and mama and I believe that we can live in love because, GOD first loved us. I was born and raised in Mooresville, NC. I’m married to a wonderful, hard working man who has blessed me with the most perfect, funny, loving little girls, Savannah Rees & Evelynn Faye I have learned so much about myself since they entered this world, and I'm loving every hectic, crazy moment of being a mama. We live on 6 acres with a blue heeler named Waylon, and a few turkeys & chickens. I love plants and gardening.  Wondering Target aisles aimlessly is a skill I love, and don't utilize enough. Coffee. Is. LIFE and I can drink it anytime and any temperature.

I thrive in natural light and love to chase a good sunset. Capturing love, authentic emotion & moments are my heart. The relationships I have with my couples and families are so super important to me, so I will be here for you every step of the way. I'm NOT going to tell you where to put your feet and how to hold your face and I don't do stiff boring prom poses. I will give you fun, sometimes a little crazy sounding prompts to get genuine emotion and candid movement. I hype my couples up. So if you don't want someone telling you how great you look every 5 seconds then we may not be the best fit. I'm your girl if you want to grab a drink and go adventure together! My goal is to capture your life just as it is now, to bottle up memories for you to look back on for years to come. Trust me, your future children will appreciate it and we will have so much fun in the process! I can't wait to meet you & tell your story! 

xoxo melody

I'm passionate about preserving legacy and memories, I thrive in natural light and beautiful environments. And I'm here to capture your love story and all the little moments just as they are, while having so much fun in the process!

what i am all about


I love LOVE, Wild Adventures and chasing golden sunsets.

The beach is my happy place, there is something so therapeutic about hearing the ocean and feeling the salty breeze.

Me and my husband traveled out west for our honeymoon and we have dreamt of moving there ever since.

I would love to buy a rv or camper and take life on the road and travel. 

I'm a total mom wherever I go, cleaning up and making sure everyone has all of their things with them etc. It's a curse haha. 



it is a match!